Sunday, January 15, 2023

Trusting the Father (Lessons 001 - 052)


It's been a blessing and journey of sharing my relationship with the Lord over the years with these Bible Studies.

And now three Bible Study Booklets have been completed and compiled for everyone to enjoy. 52 Lessons in all (once-a-week for a year... but take at your own pace).

Use these Bible Studies for yourself, church, home/cell group, or family. And share freely.

Through the years, I have come to appreciate and understand an un-religious relationship with God as a Father. Growing up in a guilt-ridden and condemning Christian was a miserable life! Yet, as I have been set free, I too long for you to experience that same freedom--Christianity, not as a moral religious establishment, but as being a personal relationship with a Father that goes above and beyond anything this world has to offer. One where, as a believer, you are perfected, without the need to be perfect, able to make mistakes and live a guilt-free abundant life here on earth.

Please download this PDF booklet and enjoy the messages in it:

Trusting the Father (Lessons 001 - 052)

With Love, Chris Badenhorst

The following topics are in this Bible Study booklet:

  • 001    Character and Nature of God: “Good” (NLT)
  • 002    Character and Nature of God: “Love” (NIV)
  • 003    Character and Nature of God: “Jesus: (JBP)
  • 004    Character and Nature of God: “Holy Spirit” (CSB)
  • 005    Peace (AMP)
  • 006    Grace (GNT)
  • 007    Faith & Belief / Unbelief (EHV)
  • 008    Health and Healing (NKJV)
  • 009    Trials / Temptations / Discipline (NLV)
  • 010    Satan Defeated! We Have Authority (CEB)
  • 011    Identity (ESV)
  • 012    Tabernacle: Body, Mind, Soul, Heart, Spirit (Overview) (TPT)
  • 013    Tabernacle: Body (MEV)
  • 014    Tabernacle: Mind (NTE)
  • 015    Tabernacle: Soul (TLB)
  • 016    Tabernacle: Heart (NMB)
  • 017    Tabernacle: Spirit (HCSB)
  • 018    Believing in Christ Jesus & Forgiveness of Sins (GWT)
  • 019    Taking the Worry Out of Sin (Religiously) (DLNT)
  • 020    How Do We Live as Christians (Believers)? (MSG)
  • 021    A Redeemed & Reconciled (Not Fallen) World (MEV)
  • 022    Righteousness is Not a Behaviour! (AMP)
  • 023    Salvation / Saved (NABRE)
  • 024    God Allowed It? (MSG)
  • 025    The Lord's Prayer (NMB)
  • 026    Baptisms (GWT)
  • 027    Filled with The Holy Spirit (VOICE)
  • 028    The Humanity of Jesus (TPT)
  • 029    The Thief (Discernment & Battle) (CSB)
  • 030    Humility, Obedience, & Trust (TLB)
  • 031    Our Responsibility (With the Lord) (CEB)
  • 032    Money, Tithe, & Giving (NLT)
  • 033    Loves (NTE)
  • 034    Fruit of the Spirit (DLNT)
  • 035    Gifts (EXB)
  • 036    Armour of God (NIV)
  • 037    Repentance & Conscience (GNT)
  • 038    The Law (EHV)
  • 039    Your Adversary (HCSB)
  • 040    Final Judgement (WEB)
  • 041    Fasting (Meat & Drink) (EHV)
  • 042    Soul (Emotions & Feelings) (RSV)
  • 043    Storms of Life (VOICE)
  • 044    Our Duality (Flesh & Spirit) (NET)
  • 045    Sowing & Reaping (LEB)
  • 046    Ministry Types (GWT)
  • 047    Body of Christ (CSB)
  • 048    Overcome the World (TLB)
  • 049    As a Child (ICB)
  • 050    Freedom (MEV)
  • 051    [Correct] Knowledge (HCSB)
  • 052    Moving Forward… (RGT)
  •           Conclusion & Further Topics of Study

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Trusting the Father (Lessons 041 - 052)


My gift to you.

Please download this PDF booklet and enjoy the messages in it:

Trusting the Father (Lessons 041 - 052)

This Bible Lesson series has the third installment (see below for previous two booklets).

As part of that process of letting go of the notion of a religious Christianity, we continue to push into that freedom and how we can shape our lives, relationship with the Father, and our relationships around us.

With all three booklets, there are 52 in total--becoming a once-a-week, year-long journey you can take personally or with a group. If you are looking for Bible Studies for your church, home/cell group, or family, please feel free to use any or all of these lessons.

I hope these studies help you trust God as a Loving, Gracious, and Merciful Father in who you do not have to fear.

God Bless (as He always does)!