You CAN change. I CAN change. We all CAN change.

What I have garnered in my life—from observations of myself and from others—is that the majority of what makes us "us" is our upbringing. The "us" being our personalities, emotions, thinking, heart, and actions/reactions to things.

This is where I am coming from in what I am sharing with you. This is my perspective and how I see it relate to me and to many others.

It may not relate to you in this way, and that is ok.

Our upbringing makes up both the Nature and Nurture aspects of life. For me, this standard (but not fixed) go-to percentage of this notion is set at:
  • 90% Nurture (Upbringing).
  • 10% Nature (Genetic).
This is not to say that the 10% Nature does not have a less-significant influence in who you are, but on how your being interprets the Nurture.

The 10% influences how the 90% comes about through your childhood; but the 90% influencing back to the 10% during the course of your life. Our soul-health directly connected to our mental and physical health.

The Nurture is both the positives being built in you, but also the iniquities being trained into you.

Likewise, your Nature has positives, but also with its own iniquities.

Our upbringing (90% + 10%) begins at conception. Both of which are influenced by the environments around us—including: relational, social, physical, mental, and emotional.

Notwithstanding, the many other factors that influence those: politics, economy, nutrition, medicine, climate, natural and man-made disasters.

All of which can be stressors on our life (and the mother bearing you).

These influences create interpretations in your being from the impacts of your surroundings. And this is felt from in the womb—that embryonic fluid resonating the sounds of their immediate "world" around them.

Think of how sound travels through the the body of the mother, through the liquid, and into the soul of the child--the words, tone of voice, loudness/quietness, etc.

But also the chemicals (chemical balances/imbalances) in the body of the mother being passed through based on stresses or calmness of the mom's environment.

As well as the genetic makeup of both parents.

Thus, as you are "formed in the womb", you take on all those Nurture aspects into your Nature. This design being that when you are born, you are better prepared for the same environment you are being born into.

The positives can help guide and change your surroundings. Yet the negatives can be a detriment to it.

Each one of us has a unique upbringing and interpretations that define who you will be--whether that upbringing was experienced as more positive or more negative. You, thus, develop strengths and weaknesses in your life.

Finding uses for those strengths is key to helping you in your career, relationships, and rearing of your children.

And, then, also uncovering those weaknesses (iniquities) that will become a detriment to the positives.

Even those "survival" aspects of your upbringing that instinctively protected you as a child (becoming your castle), instead of continuing to protect you, becomes a prison--limiting your freedom of being, your relationships, career, and your influenceable environment.

Those iniquities and survival techniques now become a stronghold to living a freer life outside of that which was engrained into you as a child.

So, now, your responsibility is to "re-train" / "re-parent" yourself to undo what no longer belongs (is beneficial), and to build in its place that which does promote a better life (for ourselves and for everyone around us).

This is where it truly boils-down to the "breaking of strongholds" and "renewing of the mind".

This is the change we can make to the 90%. But also the 10%. For we are malleable human beings in body, mind, soul, heart, and spirit.

And my belief in the Lord plays a huge role in this possibility, guiding me not only Biblically and Relationally, but with the people that influence my life for the better—those that are likeminded.

This culmination of people, purpose, medication, and your relationship with the Lord redirects your existence into a "Life more Abundant" in this life now!

Because when what makes us "us" transitions from that flesh "us" to the Spirit "us", we bring Life to ourselves, our being, and our surroundings.

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