Through a relationship with the Father, we as children of the Father continue to come to understand His Heart. As such, we see that He truly is a Loving Father that is beyond measure and time. His jealousy for all of us is so great and always so good—He really does only want the best for us in any and all situations of life. And this Love was demonstrated through the pure heart and ministry of Jesus Christ—Jesus embodied the Spirit of the Father and in all ways showed us the Heart of the Father. This is what I believe and hold true in my heart.

The following are beliefs and understandings through scripture that share some of what I hold true about the Love of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

  • God the Father Loves everyone in this world. So much so, that through the sacrificial giving of His Only Son (Christ Jesus), He has Gifted us Forgiveness, Righteousness, Health & Healing, and a personal intimate relationship with Him as a Father.
John 3:16-17. Romans 3:21-22. Hebrews 10:12. 1 Peter 2:24.

  • God is Love. This type of Love is not of our own ability, but God's unique "Agape" Love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. This Love, and no other, is what is demonstrated to all the world from the Father. And this is the Love we gain in and through ourselves when we accept Him into our hearts. And His only command to us is to Love Him and each other in that Agape Love which only comes from His ability in us. He brings us to Himself through Love, not punishment or hardship.
John 13:24. John 15:12. 1 John 3:23. 1 John 4:7,16. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven / Kingdom of God is in us now. It is not a place yet to come (a future Heaven / Reign), or a ritual (religious activity); but Power and Righteousness and Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 6:33. Luke 17:21. Romans 14:17. 1 Corinthians 4:20.

  • All humans (all men, all women, all races, all identities, and all nationalities) are created equally and have always been so. We are all created in the likeness of the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit; not only from the beginning of Creation, but now. This was clearly demonstrated in the ministry of Jesus; and is demonstrated now through Christ, to us from the Father, and in the working of the same Holy Spirit with and in both males and females. The Lord is no respecter of persons.
Genesis 1:26-28. Acts 10:34-35. Romans 2:11. Galatians 3:26-28. Colossians 3:9-17.

  • Righteousness has been Gifted to all through the Completed Work of Christ Jesus. It has been Gifted to all of us by God's Grace through the finished Faith of Christ Jesus; not by our works (self-righteous acts), nor through the Law (which has been fulfilled by Christ). It is unto all, and upon all that believe.
Romans 3:21-22. Galatians 2:16. Ephesians 2:8.

  • Salvation is the God-Gifted deliverance and preservation of a person out from the ways of self, the world, and Satan; to live a Kingdom life now on earth. It exists for all, and becomes personal (manifests) upon believing in Jesus Christ as our Saviour. It is by God's Grace through Christ’s Faith; which we in turn believe, and thus come into salvation. It begins upon believing, and is fulfilled when a believer dies; guaranteeing eternal existence with the Lord. There is no other way to obtain salvation but by believing in Christ Jesus.

  • The Holy Spirit has been gifted to every person on earth. He is with us all, and in all who accept His infilling. And this infilling does not differ from person-to-person (regardless of gender, age, status, culture, identity, or nationality)—for the Lord is no respecter of persons.

  • The Holy Spirit does not condemn us of the sins of our flesh; He only brings to light the Sin of not believing in Jesus Christ as our Saviour. When we do not accept the testimony of Truth from the Holy Spirit to believe in Christ Jesus, it is that Sin of not believing that is not forgiven. However, when we are Born-Again through believing on Him, that Sin is forgiven. All other sins (all the sins of the flesh) were forgiven once-and-for-all-time at the Cross, and we do not need to ask forgiveness of them.

  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for all who believe as part of His Kingdom in us now. The Lord has blessed us with all Spiritual blessings and demonstrates Himself through signs and wonders; including miracles, healings, prophesy, words of knowledge, speaking in tongues, and more. Each one of us as believers can operate in all of the Holy Spirit's Gifts, just as Jesus Christ Himself demonstrated and more. They are both a testimony of Christ's accomplishment, and the Lord's Love to both believers and non-believers. The Lord’s Gifts are given “without repentance”—the Lord will not change His mind giving them, nor do you have to change to receive them.

  • We exist in a duality of flesh and spirit—each one opposed to the other, creating a soul-conflict in this life. But we are not bound by the flesh when we live out of the Spirit (a choice). Jesus, as a human, demonstrated for us the full possibility of living from the Spirit above and beyond the limits of the flesh. We have that same ability as we Work out our Salvation, Break Strongholds, Renew our Minds, Forget our Past (Programming), Heal, and Overcome—seeing only now partially in the mirror what we are being changed into: from Glory to Glory.

These become a testimony in our lives and relationship with Him. This experiencing of Him is what makes Him so personal—this is His Love towards us and for us. He wants to demonstrate Himself to us, so we can fully understand His Love for everyone on this earth.

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