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Bearing One-Another's Burdens

Living in this world is extremely difficult. We long for perfection, peace, joy, love—a world (personal life) without hurts and pains. It feels like each day is just another day spent on just surviving life. A life engrossed with our own faults; surrounded by the ever-vast faults of each individual in our life (directly and indirectly). We are told by Jesus that we have HIS same overcoming ability facing anything that comes our way. But how do we do that when: No one is perfect, all people have faults. All people have issues. All people hurt. All people "wish" for better. The Lord can’t protect us from ALL people… in that He can’t violate a person’s free-will to cause hurt (whether what you cause or what other people cause you). For it really is people that cause us much pain. Jesus actually stated ( in the same sentence He said we overcome ) that we will have “tribulation”—meaning we will be afflicted, anguished, burdened, pressured, oppressed, distressed, an

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