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Discover Your Freedom

The greatest freedom is the freedom from one's own self. Freedom to exist as you are, with the same Freedom to change who you are. The Lord has demonstrated throughout history, that They only have imperfect people to partner with. Thus, they have to (will) meet you where you are in life; often within your capacity to comprehend them. It is different for each and every one of us. But He helps us by giving us examples of these variations of people and interactions for us to broaden our comprehension. Examples we see both in the Bible, around us now (books and testimonies), and throughout history. We each dwell in our own limited "freedoms"... yet the Lord's Freedom has not limits. So, though we are (in our own perceptions) free, we are actually entombed and encrusted in our strongholds. This is why the Lord will always meet us where we are. Remember though: That just because He meets us there, does not mean He wants us there. And just because we see Him there, does not

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