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Pendulum Learning

  Are you like me when it comes to being set free from (released from) something that has kept you bound up: in that, when you are released, your momentum of freedom sends you to an opposite similarity? Like a pendulum being release at a high point, only to swing to the other extreme. Does that other end of the pendulum swing become your new normal (getting captured there), or do you eventually swing back to settle in the balance of peace between the two? Let’s start as a child. Each aspect (area) of your existence (countless areas) are each as a pendulum. As Nature/Nurture develop you (all the way back in the womb), many of those pendulum-aspects get pushed out of equilibrium (balance) into unhealthy ways of life—unhealthy in the sense that it is not the way the Lord intended and designed for you. Pushed there by real and perceived abandonment, abuse, neglect, fear, trauma, torment, change, isolation, illness, shaming, bullying, and all the myriad of things that shape our pe

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