Heal the Hurts

We are hurt so much existing in this world--from our conception, to our upbringing, our growing up, all the way to our death. Our emotional, physical, mental, and heartfelt hurts (traumas / scars / pains) change our makeup--from our DNA to our Nature / Nurture realms. Changing how we interact, react, and relate to everything around us.

No one person is at fault, for this all was placed into motion when Adam took of the "forbidden fruit". They chose a path that laid a foundation of hurt; compounding from generation to generation. Their mistakes built into others more mistakes; which led to an ever-increasing degradation in our society. "Breaking" (in hurt) each person along the way.

You may feel broken in so many ways (both consciously and subconsciously... i.e., not realising there is a "brokenness" in you). Yet, our "brokenness" stems from the hurts of this world.

In our thinking and language, 'broken' has permanence.

If we literally break a bone in our body, it cannot be unbroken. It may heal, but there will remain an evidence of the break. So, for us, if it is broken, it will always represent that it was broken.

This is because we feel that if we are broken, there is nothing that can be done to change the broken way we are (speaking of a both a physical and soul-realm brokenness).

But God doesn't see that, He sees and desired to make us as though we never were broken (as never been committed).

That's the kind of restoration He is in. For Him to make us WHOLE is to make it as if it never happened.

Of the 10 leapers healed, they no longer had the disease, but still showed that they had it (missing / disfigured body parts). But of the one that came back to give thanks, he was made whole (Luke 17:12-19)--in that any and every sign of having the disease was completely revoked, removed, and obliterated. No more did he have the scars to prove his disease... it was as he never had it.

Remember, the Lord cuts to the dividing of spirit/soul, bone/marrow, and decisively discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart - Hebrews 4:12.

In essence, it is saying He gets down to the core and root off all things--from our socio-emotional state, to our DNA. All to change whatever is "broken" therein, into something it never should have been--fully un-breaking it.

This is the healing and freedom He so longs for us to have. Not just in the "ages to come", but in the here and now in this world we live in.

It is this world that hurts us so much; but with a Father that heals so much more.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor [destitute, lacking, powerless]; he has sent me to heal [cure, make whole, free from error] the brokenhearted [a heart crushed, trodden, torn, shattered of any strength], to preach deliverance [pardoned, released from bondage and imprisonment, forgiven (as never been committed)] to the captives, and recovering (restoration) of sight to the blind (physically or mentally), to set at liberty [pardoned, released from bondage and imprisonment, forgiven (as never been committed)] them that are bruised [forcibly crushed, broken, shattered]; to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
- Luke 4:18-19


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