Many of you have followed us in the faith that guided us from the United States to South Africa in 2016. This Lord-led outreach and ministry journey has included much joys, conflicts, and struggles. The greatest blessing from this being the precious birth of Joshua here in South Africa in 2018.

For those that have shared in our own personal hurts, pains, and sufferings, you know more deeply where our lives are now, and how they are continuing—and how truly appreciative I am for your constant prayers, love, friendships, and emotional / mental support.

Our aches, pains, persecutions, and strongholds; along with our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles; resulted in our separation and divorce. And from this, our family lives are now split between South Africa and the United States.

Yet, this has not changed the heart and impact that we continue to bring individually, through Provisions of Grace (outreach and ministry), my cBadenhorst Missions (which addresses emotional and mental wellbeing), and the school we founded: Crosspoint Academy – Strand (with its wholistic education and socio-emotional support).

For Crosspoint Academy – Strand, I continue to work here in the school in South Africa to help guide it with our loving and caring team. The school grows and matures further on the Academic-front, as well as in Student Support. For us: achieving a better education for each child includes the recognition of the many barriers children face—whether from a lack of proper education, to language hurdles, to home-environment concerns (trauma / abuse), to underlying or undiagnosed ADHD, Dyslexia, Neuro-Diversity, or Autism Spectrum.

With cBadenhorst Missions, I share my own personal life-journey of healing, acknowledging the many areas of my being that have been unconsciously impacted by my family and “spiritual” upbringing. Making conscious those areas, uncovering their existence, undoing the programming, observing their detriments, and overcoming them all. A healing journey that truly brings me a freedom from myself to be myself (cherishing and embracing my own aspects of Neuro-Diversity, ADHD, and Spectrum). That, in sharing with you, you may find comfort in not feeling alone with your own “struggles”, but also gain a freedom from what you feel keeps you trapped.

Which also ties in with the Provisions of Grace biblical studies. This, too, being a sharing of my growth and relationship with the Lord, out from the spiritual abuses placed on me from a religious upbringing (whether by the church or by people). From my own experiences, I hope that you also can find a freedom in the Lord out from the captivities of religion (church doctrines, sin-conscience, guilt, judgement, picket-signs, and “law”).

From the time we came to South Africa, it immediately separated us from our own extended families who remained in the States. Thus, with family split between the United States (Texas / Florida) and South Africa, it became challenging for us to connect in person. Sometimes it is the time and effort, but mostly it is the cost of travel.

It is with this desire for me to visit family in the States early this year, that I have implemented this fundraiser to help fund my travel expenses. This includes the overseas round-trip flights (South Africa / States), the interstate travel between Texas and Florida, and related expenses.

This fundraiser is being posted on our website, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages (all of which you can find and follow on). And the monies you donate will go through the PayPal Giving Fund (PayPal’s Non-Profit portal).

As Provisions of Grace is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit in the States (registered since 2016), donations made in the States are tax-deductible—made easy through the PayPal Giving Fund.

So, whether you are giving the $5 / 5 “cup of coffee”, or the total amount of the flight, your contribution is truly appreciated.

If you want to know more about Provisions of Grace (of which we have an About Us / History video), or know more about cBadenhorst Missions and Crosspoint Academy – Strand, links are in the description below.

Truly, thank you so much!

Lots of love and care, Chris.

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(U.S.A. registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organisation)

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