Monday, December 21, 2020

Trusting the Father (Lessons 001 - 020)

My gift to you.

Please download this PDF booklet and enjoy the messages in it:

Trusting the Father (Lessons 001 - 020)

Kelly and I have been blessed having hosted a weekly Bible Study lesson from our home (via video) over the course of several months. Though this, we've had the chance to share with others our relationship with the Lord (God as a trusting Father).

We want to share with you now the culmination of this in the creation of this Bible Study Booklet that has all our 20 lessons up to this point.

As we have let go of the notion of a religious Christianity and desire that you too can be set free from much of the guilt and condemnation that comes from religion.

God Bless (as He always does)!

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